delivering real value

The real objective should be establishing an effective and efficient workflow, automating wherever possible, while improving the project quality. 

With an application as powerful as the Solibri Model Checker it is imperative that YOU have a solid understanding of the product capabilities and how it is going to fit with your workflow. That is a minimum expectation. It is NOT OKAY to only know 10% of the functionality of this application.

It is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure you have a solid foundation, when it comes to setting expectations and establishing your own ROI. The transaction is actually the starting point, not the finish line.

We are in an era now where your understanding, applying and adopting are all necessary, for this to be a solid business decision. Nobody benefits in an environment where ‘shelfware’ exists.

BIM Verification Solutions LLC has adopted a different approach. Yes, we are happy to provide you with a quotation and sell you Solibri Model Checker licenses. That is certainly an option, but that is just the beginning of our relationship with you. Once you have access to the technology, we are going to make sure you are getting the benefits.

This is world class, state-of-the-art technology with extremely powerful features. Our Goal is to make sure YOU can see and feel the results. When you can, you will know this was a solid investment, not just a purchase.



Option #1 – Buy SMC Licenses

You have a modeling resource, we help you incorporate Solibri Model Checker into your workflow, you measure your results! Very straightforward and great ROI! We train you, we make sure you are comfortable and we remain on standby to build your confidence


Option #2 – We Work at your side

You want the checks done, but you need help putting your requirements into commands and setting up the model to make sure it is ‘checkable’, and you need help generating the specific reports you require. You also may not have the internal resources onboard today. Fine. We will work with you to build rulesets and show you how to run checks. We can even run the checks for you, if you like.


Option #3 – Your Rules, Our Checks FOR You!

You’re not ready to hire the needed resources, but you want to validate your models. You define the checks you want and need, we build rulesets and create those checks for your approval. Now, you just upload your model(s), WE process the BIMs, report the findings back to you and send you an SMC file that you can access and review in the FREE Solibri Model Viewer. Once you get hooked on the process and results, you’ll be able to acquire licenses if, and when you are ready.


A new way to support your objectives

Technology requires an investment, but we realize that adoption requires resources, time and focus. Let us demonstrate on live projects with results that are useful to you. Once you determine you want this capability on every computer, for every project, you can then acquire the license(s) you need. We will teach you HOW to use SMC to maximize your ROI.

Next Steps…

Hopefully we have given you something to consider. Please contact us to discuss your needs and don’t be shy about telling us what you were really hoping to accomplish. The more we know about your goals, the better our ability to assist you.