Here is some additional information for your review and use. These are organized into categories to make it easier for you to explore. Wherever possible, we have also included some short videos.

Please feel free to give us feedback. It is our intention to share as much information as possible, with you. This will give you a chance to see the Solibri Model Checker in action, addressing many different requirements.

The Solibri Solution Center

The Solibri Solution Center (SSC) is your cloud-based repository for a wide range of Solibri, or BIM, related content. This includes the Solibri applications (Solibri Model Checker, Solibri Model Viewer and Solibri IFC Optimizer), as well as Extensions for specific uses (ADA/ABA, COBie, GSA Spatial Coordination, Finnish BIM Requirements, etc.). The SSC also has content from third party contributors (BIM Collab), as well as training documentation. You can access the SSC from the File Tab within SMC, or directly ( Get acquainted with this location, as it will continue to serve as your Resource Center for all content related to Solibri.







Customization is a very normal exercise with Solibri Model Checker. No two projects are identical and the same is true of the makeup of the Project Team. Data Centers are different than Hospitals, therefore the associated requirements would also have differences. Sometimes the differences are minor (i.e. width of corridors) and other times they may be more complex (i.e. different spatial requirements for each different space type). With SMC, it is possible to create a customized environment to enable checking to meet these unique requirements. Once you have determined how you want to customize your checking, it is possible for you to share these settings with the entire Project Team. This results in a very efficient, streamlined workflow.






Rulesets are essentially the backbone of the Solibri Model Checker. They consist of any number of templates that are combined to execute focused analysis of the model(s) and to validate compliance with specific requirements. Sometimes the check is fairly simple, but frequently there are multiple aspects that have to be considered. The rulesets that are applied also depend upon your role, as the end user. Once created, rulesets can be saved so they are always available. Ruleset Parameters can be easily modified, making it possible for you to explore multiple scenarios.






Videos are a powerful tool for better understanding how technology can be applied.  We have created some short videos to demonstrate how Solibri Model Checker can be used to address different requirements. Again, your feedback is welcome and encouraged!