We believe that a workshop can go a long way toward building confidence and reinforcing your capabilities with the Solibri Model Checker. These workshops provide an overview of the application, as well as a solid understanding of how your workflow will be supported and improved. One objective is to ensure you are comfortable with the technology and the interface, while gaining an understanding of what can be checked with the software. BIM use cases continue to be identified, and in most cases, we have the ability to create a ruleset that you can very easily apply, further demonstrating the continuous ROI that you can attain, with this single application.

A standard workshop would consist of 2-3 hours of product familiarization and workflow, followed by 1-2 hours where we would focus specifically on the creation of Rulesets to support your immediate needs and areas of interest. For example, your initial ruleset might include checks for BIM QA/QC, Model Comparison, ADA Compliance and Interference Detection. Each of these checks are of high value and you should rest easy knowing that the checks are executed with a consistency that you can count on.

Think of a workshop as a great way to accelerate your ROI, and as a chance to quickly grasp the potential for your product usage.